Those Left Behind: a Vanovasi Adventure

Characters Created!

or, who exactly is adventuring here

So today we went through character creation for everyone except Jake. I thought I’d make a quick summary here so we can all see who we’ll be playing with.

We have:

  • Caladon Pelagrius, a Signaran Elf and a “divine mind” devoted to the god Jecht, who travelled to Emallia from his peoples’ current home in the rebuilt Edhallond to study at the College. He is very smart, and very wise, and very tempted by any and all knowledge. He’ll be quite good at magic, healing, and finding the right piece of information, but he’ll be tempted by powers beyond what is good or even sane… it will take his own strength of will and the help of his friends to not follow the path of other Elves who were too curious for their own good.
  • Ayasha, a Silvanti Elf from the forests in the center of this region, who has made a living travelling and escorting others through her sacred woods. She is curious about seeing new places. She’ll be very good with animals and surviving in the wild, as well as shooting anything attacking at a distance, but if danger gets close she’ll need someone at her back, and until recently she’s never left her forests before.
  • Amira, a Rineon Human who’s travelled down from the deep northern forests and her remote village to gain an education as a Bard at the College. She has a beautiful voice, and will be good at handling social situations, but she tends to be easy on people, and maybe trust just a little too much.
  • Saevaron is from much further north than Amira – he hails from a far different country entirely. This Rydonny elf was raised in a desert country, and chose to study cold and ice magics as a way of standing out and doing something different and useful in his homeland. To better study the ways of cold, however, he chose to travel south, to Asrinon. He may be in for more cold than he could have ever imagined. He’s decent at magic, but he’s also quite defensive, and can protect his friends with shield and ice while he heals what wounds they’ve taken.
  • Aaren is the only one of our group who was born and raised in Emallia. He is one of the small group of catfolk who’ve taken up permanent residence in the city, escaping from the troubles occuring in the Islands to the East. He’s somewhat secretive, loves climbing, and is entirely too curious for his own health.

That’s who we’ve got so far – hopefully, we’ll meet our paladin soon!



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